Updated: Feb 4

Seen and heard around the water cooler…

Many talk about making improvements but one company is making a significant investment in its customer’s supply chain: The Quick Quote.

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…a common note on many websites Serving the customer with a Quick Quote is a competitive advantage in today’s supply chain. “Without a Rapid Response our supply chain will rust when the competitor wins the race to get the business,” says Al Iannelli, President of Polaris Intermodal an Agent for Evans Delivery. “Because ‘time matters’ we need to be ‘the oiler’ for our customer’s supply chain,” says Iannelli.

His vision to improve Intermodal velocity reflects (in part) the role that the truckers need to play at the port and/or rail facilities. Polaris is doing their part to keep the wheels of progress in constant motion, making every dray move one that is headed forward. Iannelli says, “When everyone is pulling in the same direction (and that means Polaris Intermodal trucks too) our supply chain will win every time.”

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